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This section currently only lists information on the procedure for applying for a teaching assignment at the Department for Cultural History and Theory. For all other employment opportunities please refer to the German site.


Teaching Assignments 

The application procedure for teaching assignments at the Department for Cultural History and Theory is as follows:

Submission deadline

As a rule of thumb, the application has to be submitted one semester in advance:

Teaching assignments in the summer term:

Submission by end of October in the previous year

Teaching assignments in the winter term:

Submission by end of April.

If your submission is received after this deadline, it will still be considered in the next term.


Your application should include the following:

1.    completed form »Antrag auf Erteilung eines Lehrauftrags«, top section (item 1-7), which pertain to the person submitting the form (you). The Department of Cultural History and Theory is formally considered to be the applicant. The forms can be downloaded from this site.

2.    Suggestions for modules that relate thematically to the course proposal;

3.    A one-page description of the course, of the materials that will be used and the methodological approach. If possible: an outline of the course structure and information on the accompanying program and bibliographical references;

4.    A short text (about 15 lines) that can be used for the course description in the online course catalogue.

Courses spanning over more than one semester cannot be proposed (with the exception of the M.A. project module). Block seminars are permitted only in exceptional cases during the week before or after the semester. Please do not submit any publication lists, references, long reading lists etc.

You are expected to be familiar with the structure of the degree programs and with the current teaching programme. The study regulations and information on the different modules can be found in the section Studies > Degree Programs.

We gladly accept qualified submissions for the practice modules and practically-oriented additional qualifications. Please bear in mind that the Department gives precedence to course submissions that cannot be covered by the faculty.


There are only limited funds available for the compensation for teaching assignments. We prioritize instructors whithout permanent positions. Please highlight the relevant reasons for your submission, if this applies to you.

The standard rate is: 21,40 € per credit hour, 28,44 € for instructors with a PhD. The payment is made after billing at the end of the semester.
Female instructors can apply for funding by the women’s support initiative. Please consult with the Women’s Representative [Frauenbeauftragte] for further information.

Application Procedure

1.    Applications (PDFDOC) are submitted via postal mail to the Department Director [Institutsleitung], as well as via e-mail to Holger Brohm.

2.    Your teaching assignment is put to the vote in the Department Board.

3.    After the next board meeting you will be informed about the result. If the teaching assignment is accepted, you will also receive a notification from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences with the billing details. You will respond with the completed release form [Einverständniserklärung] (PDFDOC).

4.    The Department Secretary will contact you for the coordination of dates and for registering in the administrative system for teaching AGNES.

5.    You will send an invoice (PDF).


You can find all of the documents listed above here:

§  Application (PDFDOC)

§  Release form (PDFDOC)

§  Invoice (PDF)

If you have any questions, please contact

Dr. Holger Brohm