Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Institut für Kulturwissenschaft

Course Registration and Transcript of Records

As an exchange student you register for courses and exams via the “Teilnahmebestätigung und Leistungsnachweis für Internationale Studierende”. You do not register via Agnes (online inscription for courses) as the other students do!

Fill out the document at the beginning of the course and let it be signed by your professor immediately. At the end of the semester the professor signs and stamps this document again after you have successfully participated in the class (written a required paper and/or hold a presentation etc.).

For every course, please use one document.

In order to receive your Transcript of Records at the end of your stay you need to hand in all the original hard copies of your Teilnahmebestätigungen und Leistungsnachweise during the office hours of your ERASMUS+ Coordinator.